Sunday, 22 October 2017

WAG 2017 - M8A

Good fun at the WAG this weekend. 


 Band     QSOs     Pts  Dst  Pt/Q
   3.5      57     171   21   3.0
     7     142     426   26   3.0
    14     116     348   22   3.0
    21      20      60   12   3.0
 Total     335    1005   81   3.0
Score: 81,405
1 Mult = 4.1 Q's


TS590S, SDRPlay RSP2 & Acom 1000

- Nested dipoles @ 10.5m for 40&20m  [spiderbeam fibreglass 12m pole]
- low Inv L 80m, 1 elevated radial
- EFHW 15m - sloper [100W only]

Luckily, we had some Es propagation on Sun am and afternoon which kept the high bands going for this skip and no probs with storm Brian up here either.

73 Angel

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

RI1ANO - South Shetlands - new one

I caught an ATNO last night. RI1ANO - Locator  GC07mt 

Mode: JT65
Band: 40m
Distance: 13700km
Bearing: 208deg

He was a good signal R-13 on my dipole @ 10m. I checked the path with the new VOACAP online tool. The contact took place 90min after my sunset - once both our D-layers are below the horizon.
I made an "educated" guess to convert JT65 parameters to cw in voacap!

VOACAP Online - new toolset
MUF day ok
Rel 50%

M0HDF Greyline [IO92AL]
19:32  20:00  20:42

RI1ANO Grey line [GC07MT]
18:53  19:39  20:32

Friday, 30 June 2017

BOTA - Playa L'Arenal EA/CS/023 activation

I gave Beaches on the Air a try a couple of days  ago. It was a lot of fun.
No man-made noise in this part of the beach, but much QRN from the summer storms in Europe.
Best DX - ZD7BG [new one] and U9A. I also heard BA loud and J6 but were too busy in pile ups.

M0HDF homebrew vertical for 20m - 2 elevated radials & choke
FT-817ND, PA 50W and SD on tablet

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

HP & other upgrades @ M0HDF

It has been a while... the available time to the hobby has been spent on on projects and contests and I have not had that much time to update the blog. Here is a brief summary on how I have been up to...

Shack upgrades to High Power
Acom 1000  
Nested dipoles for 40 and 20m
   - DXWire UL & insulators
   - 12turns of RG316 on FT140-43 [choke balun]
   - aircell 5 - vertical section
   - M&P ultraflex 7 - main run from shack to the garden
   -  Spiderbeam 12m HD fiberglass guy belt and clamp set [mast up now permanently]

shack - June 2017

shack RF management [grounding and bonding]
    - Aluminium bonding plate bolted underneath my desk
    - GM3SEK mains choke & TX chokes [shack entry]
I took some time to study the materials from the RSGB, N0AX, GM3SEK, K9YC, G3TXQ, W8JI and spent a bit on the proper ferrites and ground straps,...  This has worked pretty well and clean up my RX. I don't see any RF around either which is great.

400W light-weight dipole choke balun

CQ WPX CW 2017
SOSB[A] 40m HP
37 M8A............728,292 (M0HDF) WORLD - raw scores
10hrs of good fun and plenty of DX for a low wire dipole

RSGB Field date 2017
I had the pleasure to join The Monfort University ARS and their entry on 2017 NFD cw - M2A/P.
An absolute blast and fine group of people.

Hooked up now to my TS590S a panadapter using the crystal radio group mod.

Joined the folks from EA2 for their annual gathering and field day. It was great to meet old friends and new ones. Fine weather, qsos and a great luncheon in EA2 Navarra. Many Thanks to Ignacio EA2BD for all the arrangements and help.

Hopper of next projects
- broadband active RX loop
- 80m loaded dipole
- Raspberry PI / Arduino  .. got some of the bits at home already
- skimmer

73 Angel

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

M8A @ BERU - RSGB Commonwealth contest

The BERU contest is always interesting. I managed to get a few hours at my friend Chris' QTH to work HF with a SteppIR @ 17m and legal power. Conditions proved difficult and it was not help by local QRM everytime I transmitted .

M8A @ BERU - 2017
4 ATNOs :
  -Dom E51KTA - 20m over the pole
  -Iain 9G5X - 3 bands
 - Iain V31GX - 20m
  -5U5R on 15m outside the contest

 -Nigel 3B8/G3TXF - new slot on 40m cw
 -First QSO with CQ zone 1 - CI1AAA @ CP20kw
 -5 QSOs with VK with a low inv V doublet -11m apex on the 40m band

Many thanks to all the DX travellers and people who manned the HQ stations.

73 Angel
M0HDF  / M8A

Thursday, 9 February 2017

RX antenna isolator

I homebrewed and tested the G3BJ RX antenna isolator  last weekend. Implemented as M0VKY

G3BJ RX antenna isolator 

The half size K9AY RX antenna is close to my TX doublet [about 5m]. There does not seem to be much power coupled into the RX antenna when I transmit with 100W on 40m. I measured the DC rectified voltage on a dummy load connected to the RX line at approx 300mV.

Testing RX antenna isolator with 817 and a dummy load connected to TX.

The Aluminium boxes by Bitbox are inexpensive and easy to work with. I might box in them some of my other kits [BBGen,...]

Many thanks to Don G3BJ and Simon M0VKY for sharing this.

73 Angel

Wednesday, 8 February 2017


The ionosphere was kind yesterday and delivered 2 new DXCCs on 20m band.

I got home before sunset and the Italian expedition to Central African Republic was booming here.
After 15min of calling, I managed to the get through with my 100W and doublet around 5 UP.

A bit later I also heard - on the noise -Patrice TY2BP in Benin and as the signal raised a bit, I was able to make the QSO.

I noticed over the last couple of dates that switching off the AGC gives a better SNR - cleaner and easier to copy weak signals. I wound down the RF gain a bit and keep the vol to min or close to min - the Yamaha CM500 I use produce plenty of volume.
I am not sure about the NR2, the audio seems too warble.
My QTH here in the city is very noisy.

73 Angel